US House Natural Resources Committee “marks up” some MSA related legislation.

US Capital Building

The following legislative update is provided by our colleagues @ the Marine Fish Conservation Network 

This past Wednesday, we saw the full House Natural Resources Committee markup two fisheries-related bills: Rep. Young’s MSA reauthorization bill, HR.200 and Rep. Graves’s RED SNAPPER bill, HR.3588. In the beginning of the markup, Rep. Young offered an Amendment in the Nature of a Substitute (ANS), a common maneuver that replaces an entire bill’s text with new text. (Often an ANS is offered during markup to introduce changes that were made to the underlying bill in between initial bill introduction and a final committee markup. This was the case with Young’s ANS.) The new HR.200 ANS contained nearly all of the original HR.200, but also included a number of provisions included in the Modern Fish Act, HR.2023/S.1520.

Several amendments were offered by Democrats to HR.200 ANS, and nearly all failed, and a few amendments were offered by Republicans, which passed. HR.200 ANS, as further amended, passed out of Committee on a roll call vote, 23-17. The next step is for the bill to get scheduled for a floor vote, which should occur sometime next year.

Rep. Grave’s RED SNAPPER bill, HR.3588, also passed the Committee, 22-16. The next step for this bill is also to see floor time sometime next year.

The MFCN press statement on the House markup is here.

With passage out of the full House Committee, we should start to see momentum pick up on the Senate side now, and the Network is fully engaged on that side of the Capitol. Stay tuned for more news on that in the new year.

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