Weakfish (Cynoscion regalis) occur along the Atlantic coast of North America from Nova Scotia to southeastern Florida, but are more common from New York to North Carolina. Warming of coastal waters in the spring prompts an inshore and northerly migration of adults from their offshore wintering grounds between Chesapeake Bay and Cape Lookout, The stock has been depleted for at least 13 years. The fish essentially disappear after they reach 11 inches. The absence of adult fish is attributed to natural mortality. This has resulted in much speculation regarding potential recovery. Some believe that the lack of forage species is a huge obstacle in the recovery of the stock.
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Weakfish may be the most beautiful fish of the mid-Atlantic coast. They have a long, slender body topped by a dark, greenish back that quickly fades to bright silver sides overwashed with lavender tones. The fins, particularly in larger individuals, are yellow, giving the overall impression of a fish the color of sunrise. The weakfish’s

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