Spiny dogfish

Spiny Dogfish are managed by the New England Fishery Management Council, Mid Atlantic Fishery Management Council and Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission. The most recent stock assessment indicates spiny dogfish are in good shape. Overfishing is not occurring. The spawning stock biomass sits just above the target level. Researches are trying to understand how spiny dogfish recovered so quickly from historically low levels in 2005. This information could lead to developing new management strategies for other depleted shark species. There are no possession or size limits for the recreational fishery. The commercial fishery is considered underutilized. Spiny dogfish are used in fish-n-chips in the European market.

The spiny dogfish is a small, schooling shark of the genus Squalus that is frequently encountered when fishing in cold and temperate waters.  Their name comes from the two thick spikes that adorn the leading edge of each dorsal fin.  When caught, the dogfish will contort its muscular, flexible body in a defensive effort that

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