Many a mate on recreational party/head boats are happy when they see Haddock being caught because when Haddock glow (their silvery white color shines in the sun) the tips flow. New England fishermen know that Haddock taste much better than their larger and much more popular cousins the Atlantic Cod.

Haddock range from Newfoundland to Cape May NJ and are managed by the NEFMC under the Northeast Multispecies Fishery Management Plan. Similar to Atlantic Cod, Haddock are managed as two separate stocks; Gulf of Maine (GOM) Haddock and Georges Bank Haddock. Both stocks are currently experiencing years of high abundance with both species under the status of not being overfished and overfishing not occurring. The high abundance of Haddock is the one bright spot and is literally saving portions of both the recreational and commercial ground fish fleets.

The New England Fishery Management Council met in Portland Maine Between June 20 & 22. The agenda for the week had two items that would be of special interest to many readers. First; the Groundfish Committee agenda included a discussion about Amendment 23 which deals with monitoring of the commercial groundfish fleet. Considering Carlos “The Codfather”

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