Bluefish are ferocious predators that can grow up to forty inches and top the scales at almost 30 pounds. They range throughout the world and frequent many coasts as they are a migratory species. In the US, bluefish are predominantly a recreational fishery. As bluefish migrate seasonally up and down the Atlantic coast, anglers from Maine to Florida target these voracious predators near inlets, shoals, and rips, where they come to feed on large schools of bait.
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Back in September; the Greater Atlantic Regional Office of NOAA Fisheries (GARFO) announced  mandatory electronic reporting requirements effecting ANY FOR HIRE VESSEL that fishes under a federal permit and is endorsed to catch certain Mid Atlantic Council managed species. Many New England based charter boats, some who don’t even realize they are supposed to have a federal

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Back in 1953, one of the founding directors of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute described bluefish as “perhaps the most ferocious and bloodthirsty fish in the sea, leaving in its wake a trail of dead and mangled mackerel, menhaden, herring, alewives, and other species on which it preys.” Bluefish look the part of an apex predator,

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