Atlantic herring

Atlantic Herring (aka Sea Herring) are a pelagic species considered to be one of the most important forage species found along the East Coast. This species of herring spends its entire life cycle in the ocean and is not known to enter rivers and estuaries. The species range is from Labrador to Virginia and they can be found from state waters out the edge of the continental shelf. Atlantic Herring are jointly managed by both the NEFMC & the ASMFC. The NEFMC conducts most of the management and the ASMFC manages spawning protections and some commercial activities. They are managed as one stock and the current status is that Atlantic Herring are not overfished and overfishing is not occurring. The next benchmark assessment is expected to be completed in late 2018.

There are multiple fleets that target this species commercially. The MAFMC management of Atlantic Mackerel is often intertwined with management if Atlantic Herring because often times the exact same vessels leave the dock seeking of encountering both species. Small mesh draggers/trawlers and purse seines are minor players with the vast majority of commercial landings coming from the industrial scale single and paired mid-water trawl fleet. This is one of the most controversial fishing fleets in the US because of its ability to catch millions of fish in a single tow and the fleets decade long battle to resist 100% monitoring of its catch & by-catch. regularly reports on the management of this controversial species.

Atlantic herring are not doing well. A recent stock assessment revealed a population in sharp decline.  Recruitment—the number of new fish entering the population—has fallen to historic lows over the past five years.  In response, the New England Fishery Management Council (Council) recommended capping 2018 harvest at the same level as the actual 2017 harvest,

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We all need to weigh in on Draft Amendment 8, and we need to do it now! By Capt. John McMurray A lot of us have been fortunate enough to have been in it when stripers were crushing big 8- to 10-inch sea herring. Those readers who’ve been around for a while know exactly what

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The ASMFC met in Alexandra VA between MA8 & May 11, 2017. The following is a summary of what the staff here at Fissues feels were important enough discussion to take up our readers time. ASMFC Striped Bass Management Board voted not to move forward with Draft Addendum V to Amendment 6 of the Atlantic

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