Striped Bass Need Your Help

Action needed by August 08th!

When the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission’s Atlantic Striped Bass Management Board meets on August 08, 2019 the die will be cast for the future of striped bass.

The urgency to act comes because the striped bass stock is overfished, and overfishing is occurring. Both conditions mean striped bass are in trouble and action needs to be taken. And the action needs to be taken NOW!

It is time for the commission to hear from you. You can find out who represents your state on the ASMFC’s web page.

Tell your commissioner and the commission to return fishing mortality to the target in the current management plan (known as Amendment 6) and that it needs to be done by 2020.

But don’t stop there. Tell your commission representative that ASMFC needs to honor the commitment they made when they adopted Amendment 6 and rebuild the striped bass stock within ten years.

In case you need some help, here are three key points to make:

  • Fishing mortality must be reduced
  • The biomass needs to be rebuilt
  • The striped bass stock must remain healthy for the future

If you want the back story give Charles Witek’s article Time to Stand Up for Striped Bass a read. It not only fills in the details but also explains how harmful the situation created by ASMFC is — and why it is essential for you to let the commission know how you feel before their August meeting.

As Witek points out, and as most of you are aware, there are plenty of folks who will be arguing against doing the right thing for striped bass, and if you don’t act before the meeting in August, they just might get their way. If that happens, both fish and fishing will continue to suffer.