Menhaden Reference Points Up For a Vote at ASMFC

During its meeting on August 4 and 5, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission’s Atlantic Menhaden Management Board plans to vote on Ecological Reference Points for menhaden. Here is how you can make your voice heard.

Our colleagues at the American Saltwater Guides Association have essential information on the role menhaden play as a prey species. According to ASGA,

 “Currently, menhaden are assessed and managed as a single species: Scientists assess the status of the stock in comparison with pre-established levels, or reference points, for fishing mortality (harvest) and stock size, and then decide how much fish can be harvested. The proposed new strategy would shift how those reference points are calculated by accounting for menhaden’s critical ecosystem role as a prey species.”

ASGA and the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance have drafted the letter below. They are looking for recreational anglers, guides, tackle shops, commercial fishermen and related groups to sign on. If you’re interested in signing onto the letter, send an email to ASGA Executive Director Willy Goldsmith (willy[@] with your name, state, and interest in menhaden (e.g., private angler). If signing on behalf of an organization, its name and logo, along with your title.

The deadline to sign on to the letter is Friday, July 24.

ASGA-NAMA letter