Bluefish Allocation Amendment Forges Ahead

By Tony Friedrich


The Mid Atlantic Fishery Management Council met jointly with the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission on August 15 to discuss bluefish management.  The Bluefish Allocation Amendment was initiated in December of 2017.  It seeks to address some concerns in the fishery including goals of the bluefish fisheries management plan, quota transfers, sector allocations, and commercial allocations to the states.

The group expressed concerns over the revised MRIP estimates (see below)  The blue line represents the results of a data reviewed by the National Academy of Sciences.  The brown line represents MRIP data before the review.  In other words, recreational harvest is far greater than originally thought.    This data could have implications for status and management of bluefish.



Here is a timeline for the management process and a link to the release from the council.  We will keep you informed on the process as it moves forward.