Act Now – Striped Bass Need You


It’s hard to believe but the holidays are upon us.   We are going to ask you for one favor before you plunge head-first into a turkey coma.  On October 4th, , NOAA issued an advanced notice of proposed rulemaking to open the EEZ around the Block Island Transit Zone for striped bass harvest. Team Fissues strongly opposes this action. We’ve written extensively on the background of the issue and even tried our best to explain the issue in “straight talk” so you don’t need a thesaurus to understand the issue.

Be part of the process and send your comments before the November 19th deadline!  See below for details on how to send your comments electronically or by mail:

Please try to make the following points:

  • The Benchmark Stock Assessment for striped bass will be available in about 90 days. How can we make this decision without the best available science?   ASMFC’s Striped Bass Management Board has already recommended that NOAA suspend any action on the proposed rulemaking until such assessment has been released and the Management Board has had an opportunity to review it.
  • Based on the last stock assessment (2015), the spawning stock biomass for striped bass was dangerously close to the threshold number and trending in a steady decline. We need the most up-to-date information on striped bass abundance before taking any action that could increase mortality.
  • Opening any part of the EEZ for striped bass harvest will result in other areas in the EEZ being considered for harvest. This will open Pandoras Box, where short-term gain overrides the health of the stock

Please take a moment and share your thoughts with NOAA.  Striped bass are depending on you!

  • Written comments regarding the issues in this ANPR must be received by 5 p.m., local time, on November 19, 2018.
  • Submit all electronic public comments via the Federal e-Rulemaking Portal. Go to​#!docketDetail;​D=​NOAA-NMFS-2018-0106,click the “Comment Now!” icon, complete the required fields, and enter or attach your comments.


Thank you!

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