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Wahoo –



Wahoo are a fish of tropical, subtropical and warm temperate seas, which are sometimes caught as far north as Massachusetts. They are one of the fastest fish in the ocean, reportedly capable of reaching 60 miles per hour when pursuing prey. Wahoo are a long, thin fish that related to mackerel, although their ability to move they upper jaw, like billfish, puts them in their own genus, Acanthocybium.
They are a medium-sized predator, that reaches a maximum size of about 200 pounds, although most of the wahoo caught probably fall into the 25 to 75 pound range.
Wahoo are managed by the National Marine Fisheries Service, through the Fishery Management Plan for Dolphin and Wahoo that is administered by the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council, acting in cooperation with the New England and Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Councils. Recreational fishermen on the Atlantic coast landed more than 900,000 pounds of wahoo in 2017, compared to 2016 commercial landings of less than 63,000 pounds. The wahoo stock is healthy, neither overfished nor subject to overfishing.

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