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  • NEFMC June Meeting Recap (The Codfather & Corals) July 11, 2017 Species: Atlantic sea scallops, Cod, Haddock, NEFMC Habitat Plan, Skates - The New England Fishery Management Council met in Portland Maine Between June 20 & 22. The agenda for the week had two items that would be of special interest to many readers. First; the Groundfish Committee agenda included a discussion about More ›
  • Winter Flounder April 20, 2017 Species: Winter flounder - Winter flounder are small flatfish belonging to the group known as “right-eyed flounder” because, when placed on a surface with their dark side facing up with their belly pointed toward the observer, their head (and eyes) will be facing toward More ›
  • Alewife Shad & River Herring April 20, 2017 Species: Shad & river herring - The species known as shad and river herring are managed by the ASMFC Shad & River Herring Management Board. Each of the species involved in this plan are anadromous which means they spend most of their lives at sea but More ›
  • Spiny Dogfish April 18, 2017 Species: Spiny dogfish - The spiny dogfish is a small, schooling shark of the genus Squalus that is frequently encountered when fishing in cold and temperate waters.  Their name comes from the two thick spikes that adorn the leading edge of each dorsal fin.  More ›