Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission

The ASMFC is an interstate compact of the 15 Atlantic coastal states which manage fisheries in state waters (shore to 3 mile line).

Bunker and striper; Credit: John McMurray

Striped Bass, Menhaden, Bluefish & Recreational/Commercial Allocation Topped the Agenda Last week the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission met, in part, jointly with the Mid Atlantic Fishery Management Council to consider a number of issues. Of course, because of the COVID 19 pandemic, Commissioners and Council members met via webinar. While just about all binding

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Striped Bass

Good news with menhaden, but it’s likely the Commission will fall short on striped bass Menhaden So, here’s the good news. It is highly likely, after a good 20 years of advocacy by anglers and environmental groups, that we’ll see menhaden managed in the context of its value as a prey species, by as early

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Here is our final update for 2019.We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a joyous  holiday season. Action on Menhaden We have been waiting for the next shoe to drop in the ongoing menhaden saga and it did late last week. In a letter dated Dec. 17, Chris Oliver, assistant administrator for Fisheries at

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We recently sent out an update to our email subscribers. Here is what we shared with them. It has been a busy quarter for fisheries management with Atlantic striped bass headlining the action. We can expect a lively joint ASMFC/MAFMC meeting in December and an active new year. ATLANTIC STATES MARINE FISHERIES COMMISSIONThe Atlantic States

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Bluefish are overfished, and scup and black seabass face more cuts A lot to process coming off this meeting.  And just about all of it has to do with the new MRIP data recalibration.  MRIP – Marine Recreational Information Program – is the recreational fishing data-gathering program that employs in-person, telephone and mail surveys to

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As we noted last month, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission took action on Atlantic striped bass and approved Draft Addendum VI for public comment.  Draft Addendum VI is available at or on the Commission’s website at According to ASMFC’s latest press release, “Public comment will be accepted until 5 PM (EST) on

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