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  • Thanks New Jersey… July 19, 2017 Species: Atlantic menhaden, Atlantic striped bass, Summer flounder -   Some may be cheering the Secretary of Commerce’s decision to overrule ASMFC on summer flounder, but in the end, Jersey may have really screwed us If you are a regular reader, you likely know the controversy surrounding summer flounder More ›
  • Why Menhaden Matter… June 17, 2017 Species: Atlantic menhaden - As numerous “50s” are being caught off of the coast of New Jersey, it’s pretty darn clear… By Capt. John McMurray If you are a striper fisherman, unless you’ve taken some sorta sabbatical from social media, I’m guessing you’ve heard More ›
  • ASMFC Finds New Jersey Out of Compliance June 2, 2017 Species: Summer flounder - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, June 1, 2017 PRESS CONTACT, TINA BERGER, 703.842.0740  ASMFC Finds New Jersey Out of Compliance with Addendum XXVIII to the Summer Flounder, Scup, and Black Sea Bass FMP  Arlington, VA – The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission More ›
  • ASMFC Spring Meeting Summary May 17, 2017 Species: American lobster, Atlantic herring, Atlantic menhaden, Atlantic striped bass, Black sea bass, Summer flounder - The ASMFC met in Alexandra VA between MA8 & May 11, 2017. The following is a summary of what the staff here at Fissues feels were important enough discussion to take up our readers time. ASMFC Striped Bass Management Board More ›
  • On Addendum V and “Liberalizing” Striped Bass Regs May 7, 2017 Species: Atlantic striped bass - So what do you do when you don't meet your harvest reduction goals? Ask to harvest more. By Ross Squire The Draft Addendum V to Amendment 6 to the Atlantic Striped Bass Interstate Management Plan was recently published by the More ›
  • Right… Baitfish Don’t Matter May 5, 2017 Species: Forage - A recent study funded by the large-scale extraction industry claims that forage fish abundance doesn’t affect marine predator numbers… As anglers we know better. Just when I thought I’d seen everything, I opened my email a few weeks ago to More ›
  • ASMFC Spring Meeting Promises Controversy for Striped Bass & Menhaden May 4, 2017 Species: Atlantic striped bass - The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission will meet next week at the Weston Alexandria (VA) between May 8 & 11. The most contentious meetings for the week will be Striped Bass & Menhaden but the agenda includes the appeal of More ›
  • Weakfish April 26, 2017 Species: Weakfish - Weakfish may be the most beautiful fish of the mid-Atlantic coast. They have a long, slender body topped by a dark, greenish back that quickly fades to bright silver sides overwashed with lavender tones. The fins, particularly in larger individuals, More ›
  • American Eel April 26, 2017 Species: American eel - The American eel, with its long, sinuous, snake-like body, may be one of the most easily identifiable fish of the Atlantic coast.  But what is truly remarkable about the eel is not its shape, but its life history. Eels are More ›
  • Alewife Shad & River Herring April 20, 2017 Species: Shad & river herring - The species known as shad and river herring are managed by the ASMFC Shad & River Herring Management Board. Each of the species involved in this plan are anadromous which means they spend most of their lives at sea but More ›