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The ASMFC is an interstate compact of the 15 Atlantic coastal states which manage fisheries in state waters (shore to 3 mile line).
The NEFMC is responsible for the conservation and management of fishery resources between 3 & 200 miles of the Atlantic coasts of ME, NH, MA, RI & CT. Management of some species overlaps with the MAFMC.
The MAFMC is responsible for the conservation and management of fishery resources between 3 & 200 miles of the Atlantic coasts of NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD, VA & NC. Management of some species overlaps with the NEFMC.
This section will cover all federal offices, agencies & actions related to fisheries including US Congress, NOAA Fisheries, NOAA Highly Migratory Species (HMS), National Marine Fishery Service (NMFS), and the Greater Atlantic Regional Fishery Office (GARFO).
  • Weakfish Management Body: ASMFC - Weakfish may be the most beautiful fish of the mid-Atlantic coast. They have a long, slender body topped by a dark, greenish back that quickly fades to bright silver sides overwashed with lavender tones. The fins, particularly in larger individuals, More ›
  • American Eel Management Body: ASMFC - The American eel, with its long, sinuous, snake-like body, may be one of the most easily identifiable fish of the Atlantic coast.  But what is truly remarkable about the eel is not its shape, but its life history. Eels are More ›
  • The Mid-Atlantic Unmanaged Forage Omnibus Amendment Management Body: MAFMC - A landmark forage fish protection action takes shape In August of 2016, the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council put forward what may be one of the most forward-thinking ecosystem protection actions we’ve seen on the East Coast. To put it simply, More ›
  • Marine Recreational Information Program Seeks Input Management Body: Federal Fisheries - The Marine Recreational Information Program (MRIP) is the system under which recreational fishing data is collected and analyzed. MRIP recently released its draft five-year Strategic Plan and is requesting input on the Plan from stakeholders. MRIP is seeking public feedback as part More ›
  • NOAA Accepts ASMFC Summer Flounder Recommendations Management Body: MAFMC - Background The science on summer flounder is quite clear that the stock has been in decline for several years, primarily because it has suffered 6 years of poor recruitment (poor spawning success). Because the number of fish are trending downward More ›
  • Winter Flounder Management Body: NEFMC - Winter flounder are small flatfish belonging to the group known as “right-eyed flounder” because, when placed on a surface with their dark side facing up with their belly pointed toward the observer, their head (and eyes) will be facing toward More ›
  • Alewife Shad & River Herring Management Body: ASMFC, MAFMC, NEFMC - The species known as shad and river herring are managed by the ASMFC Shad & River Herring Management Board. Each of the species involved in this plan are anadromous which means they spend most of their lives at sea but More ›
  • COASTAL SHARKS Management Body: ASMFC -  “Coastal Sharks” is a term used by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) to describe a complex of 41 diverse species, ranging from the small and inoffensive Florida smoothhound through the predatory white shark and on up to the More ›
  • Spiny Dogfish Management Body: ASMFC, MAFMC, NEFMC - The spiny dogfish is a small, schooling shark of the genus Squalus that is frequently encountered when fishing in cold and temperate waters.  Their name comes from the two thick spikes that adorn the leading edge of each dorsal fin.  More ›
  • H.R. 1411 “Transparent Summer Flounder Quotas Act” Management Body: Federal Fisheries, Legislation - H.R. 1411 was introduced by Rep. Pallone, Frank, Jr. [D-NJ-6] on March 7, 2017. The text can be found here: “Transparent Summer Flounder Quotas Act” In short, the bill seeks to suspend the 2017 summer flounder specifications – voted on More ›