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The ASMFC is an interstate compact of the 15 Atlantic coastal states which manage fisheries in state waters (shore to 3 mile line).
The NEFMC is responsible for the conservation and management of fishery resources between 3 & 200 miles of the Atlantic coasts of ME, NH, MA, RI & CT. Management of some species overlaps with the MAFMC.
The MAFMC is responsible for the conservation and management of fishery resources between 3 & 200 miles of the Atlantic coasts of NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD, VA & NC. Management of some species overlaps with the NEFMC.
This section will cover all federal offices, agencies & actions related to fisheries including US Congress, NOAA Fisheries, NOAA Highly Migratory Species (HMS), National Marine Fishery Service (NMFS), and the Greater Atlantic Regional Fishery Office (GARFO).
  • WITH MENHADEN, HERE’S WHAT WENT DOWN Management Body: ASMFC - While things didn’t work out like we hoped they would, there is reason for hope… Having spent the last two days at the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) Menhaden Management Board meeting, we are of course disappointed at the More ›
  • WITH MENHADEN, INDUSTRY ARGUMENTS JUST DON’T MAKE SENSE Management Body: ASMFC - Next week, will ASMFC heed common sense and on-the-water experience? Last week, we received a brief release from the Menhaden Fisheries Coalition, titled National Wildlife Federation Revives Menhaden Myths with Latest Petition. The Menhaden Fisheries Coalition describes itself as “a More ›
  • THIS IS WHAT I DO… AND THIS IS WHY I DO IT… Management Body: ASMFC, MAFMC, News - Maybe the recreational fishing experience is more important than we think it is Let me preface all this by saying that I’m not a great dad. At least I’m not as good of a dad as I always thought/hoped I would More ›
  • WITH STRIPED BASS, HERE WE GO AGAIN… Management Body: ASMFC - As another attempt to increase harvest at the expense of angler opportunity unfolds, it’s imperative we stay engaged I know… this is getting tiresome. Every six months or so, it seems like there is another attempt to “liberalize” regulations – More ›
  • North East For-Hire Sector Surprised by Mandatory Electronic Reporting Management Body: ASMFC, MAFMC, NEFMC, News - Back in September; the Greater Atlantic Regional Office of NOAA Fisheries (GARFO) announced  mandatory electronic reporting requirements effecting ANY FOR HIRE VESSEL that fishes under a federal permit and is endorsed to catch certain Mid Atlantic Council managed species. Many New England More ›
  • ON THE DISDAIN FOR ABUNDANT FISH STOCKS Management Body: Federal Fisheries, Legislation - Editor mocks fly fishermen, light-tackle anglers, and everyone else who benefits from “abundance." Last week we stumbled across what seemed like a somewhat useful piece from The Fisherman Magazine titled ALPHABET SOUP: TOP 25 FISHY ACRONYMS. The intent at first More ›
  • Be Informed: A Comprehensive Guide to ASMFC Menhaden Public Hearings (9/11 thru 10/7) Management Body: ASMFC, News - Download a printable (pdf) copy of this guide here. A Guide to Menhaden Am 3 In May 2015, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) initiated Amendment 3 to management plan for Atlantic menhaden. The purpose is to establish ecological management, More ›
  • ON BUNKER, IT’S TIME TO SHOW UP Management Body: ASMFC, News - Starting next week, ASMFC is holding Menhaden Amendment 3 hearings… and we need to be there. We’re not going to wax this time about how recent aggregations of menhaden have created extraordinary conditions for fishermen targeting striped bass, sharks etc.., More ›
  • ASMFC Summer Meeting Recap: Its all about Bunker! Management Body: ASMFC - Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission Summer Meeting Alexandria VA / August 1-3 2017. The overarching highlight of the ASMFC Summer Meeting was the Menhaden Management Board which continued development of Amendment 3 to the Menhaden Fishery Management Plan. The Board received More ›
  • IT’S NOT OKAY… Management Body: Federal Fisheries - Selling your tuna under the radar or without the proper permits screws us all As we get into the thick of tuna season right now, and plenty of “large-medium” and “giant” class bluefin tuna are being caught by anglers around More ›